Hey there!

I am Amen Tyagi.

I am a passionate & smart working Associate Product Manager with 4 Years of experience in design industry.
Currently working with a not for profit organisation.
I love creating value & bringing positive impact through building products out of ideas.

aka The Multi-Millennial.


Companies I've worked with:                    Rachyeta Creations          

What Do I Do?

Product Vision,
Product Design,
UX Design,
Design Sprints,
Listen & Lead.

Passionate and smart-working Product Designer turned Associate Product Manager with 4 years of experience in the industry. Seeking to leverage proven leadership and strategy skills to help businesses create a positive impact. Lead 3 cross-functional teams to build multiple B2B & B2C products at an NPO that focuses upon utilizing the power of AI and machine learning for social good. Proficient in product design and enhancing user experience based upon research, analytical data and understanding of psychological behaviour.

Volunteer with the different communities and serve multiple roles to build a better environment for learning and growth of people, with people.

My Work Experience

Good things take time. This section will be updated soon. I appreciate your patience.

  • Associate Product Manager at Eduwaive Foundation    (June 2019-Present)
    • Identify product and marketing strategies, evaluate and re-develop them by using knowledge of market characteristics, cost organisation's resources and objectives.

    • Oversee the daily activities of the design, engineering, marketing and sales staff, including hiring and training new interns and staff members and evaluating the performance of current ones.

  • Product Designer at Eduwaive Foundation    (October 2018-June 2019)
    • Brought design approach to products from UX perspective. Set vision and goals for the products.

    • Conducted user researchs and testing. Built wireframes, information architectures and prototypes.

    • Led a team of 5 and constantly communicated with various stakeholders of the products.

  • Co-Founder & Design Lead at Rachyeta.com    (August 2017-September 2018)
    • Designed websites for various small-medium size enterprizes to help them expand their respective businesses.

  • Co-Founder & Graphics Designer at Print Me Mad    (January 2016-June 2017)
    • Built our own successful online store from the scratch to sell trendy merchandise and phone accessories with 2 friends, on Instagram.

    • Gross sales over 1.2 Million Rupees that financial year.

    • Grew our instagram following to 22.3k followers by opting various marketing skills & tactics.

  • Multi-disciplinary freelance designer    (March 2015-Present)
    • Worked with many-many individuals, communities, NGOs, Startups & organisations to improve design, UI/UX and product strategy resulting in increased business & revenue.

    • Designed & Developed multiple android apps with various freelancers and published on Google Playstore, have over 200,000+ installs in total.

    • Ran and led multiple successful marketing campaign for huge community events including Google DevFest'18 - Delhi.

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